The story of the rapper who went to world football from Jaliapalong!

Imran Al Mahmud,Ukhiya:
Jalal Ahmed’s family is missing in Sonaichori village of Jaliapalong union of Ukhiya upazila of Cox’s Bazar.  Shaheda Akhter Ripa, the daughter of a very poor family, gradually became known as ‘Messi‘ by practicing regularly with the boy footballers in the field nearest to her house.

Seeing his talent, local educationist and social worker Shamsul Alam Sohag admitted him in BKSP.  On the advice of athlete Sana Ullah, he made Ripa a sports lover by bearing the entire cost.

What was the story of Ripa’s upbringing like?
Ripa’s father: Ripa has been interested in sports since she was in school.  But despite the lack of family, he never left the game due to his talent.  As a helper of his irresistible speed, local educationist and social worker Shamsul Alam Sohag, athlete Sana Ullah and teachers participated in an upazila based tournament.  From there, the best players were selected and placed in the district football team.  From there, the rapper got the opportunity to go to Dhaka with the cooperation of everyone.

How does your daughter feel about winning the Best Player award?
Ripa’s father: Thank God my daughter Ripa who has maintained her best position by showing skill like boys.  We are extremely happy and delighted.  This joy is not only of our family, but of the people of Jalia palong , Ukhiya and Cox’s Bazar.  Sincere, gratitude to those who have cooperated.

What is your message to the Prime Minister?
Ripa’s father: I was a day labourer. I used to run my family by doing work.  The honourable Prime Minister Gift 10 lakh Tk in 2018 for Ripa’s outstanding contribution.  After that I build my own house.  I am grateful to the Government of Bangladesh and the Prime Minister for providing opportunities in the field of sports.

What was the story behind Ripa’s upbringing?
Shamsul Alam Sohag:
Ripa in the first Bangamata Women’s Football Tournament
Acquire skills by participating.  Ripa’s dubbing was as perfect as a perfect player.  Seeing his talent, I gave him a chance to give a trial in BKSP football.  After winning the first place there, the way to enlighten the football of the country became easy.  Messi’s famous Shaheda Akhtar Ripa took part in an Indian tournament and scored a goal in the first 40 seconds to set the world football on fire.  After coming from India, Ripa became the most valuable player of BKSP in Bangladesh.

Sham Sul Alam Shohagh

You were like a guardian of Ripa, how does his craft feel?
Shamsul Alam Sohag: We are very happy with the skill of Ripa, daughter of Jalia palong Union, Ukhiya Upazila, Cox’s Bazar.  Athlete Sana Ullah and I feel blessed to have cooperated since the beginning of his arrival.  I wish Ripa continued success.

(Thank you very much)
Shamsul Alam Sohag: Thank you very much.
Reporter: Imran Al Mahmud
Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar
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